What to expect at your event..


When it comes to Jason playing at your special event, Jason has a myriad of offerings. If you are hosting a party and would like Jason to play, he is hired on an hourly rate, and provides professional sound equipment to suit your basic needs.


Jason can play throughout your whole wedding.

Typically, most people prefer him to play prior to the ceremony as guests arrive. He will also play your preferred music as the wedding party walks down the isle, and then play as the newly married couple walks back. Some clients also have him play during other special moments at their request. 

Hire Jason to also play during cocktail hour, where live music is very important to keep the appropriate vibes an atmosphere. While he plays live, the guests can enjoy each other's company, catch up, and take photos to cherish the entire event. 

For your reception, Jason is the perfect musician to create the mellow ambiance of sound as people commence, and enjoy their meals together. As the reception carries on, Jason can build up the energy and set the tone for the rest of the evening.

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